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About Mike Get to know the knifemaker.

Who am I?

Knives, you say. Hm. You might think I would be a big time hunter or something; well: no.

I have always been a mechanical kind of person. My father was a body man so I tried fixed blade knives figuring its metal shouldn't be too bad. One of my first mentors, Jensen Bergman – who coincidentally, was my high school technology teacher – showed me how to grind fixed blades, fit handles and do kydex sheaths along with life lessons relating to this journey.

I made fixed blades for a very short time; mainly I got bored, so was looking for something more mechanical. I started looking into folders and the traditional look and function of slipjoints became all consuming. I was mentored by Luke Swenson (pictured) for just about a week. We traded knowledge: his construction and fit and finish of high end slipjoints, and I traded my skill and knowledge of welding.

I have also been taught some skills by Tobin Hill. Most deeply I would like to thank my friends and family for their continued support in this all-consuming obsession.

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